Taiwan Wuyi


Taiwanese tea farmers emigrated from Fujian, and brought a lot of tea cultivars with them. This cultivar is called Wuyi named after Wuyi Mountain where it was discovered. It was probably originally cultivated from a hybrid that had grown wild in the mountains of Northern Fujian. Related to Shiuxian, Rou Gui or other cliff teas.


This tea is processed in the Taiwanese rolled oolong style. It is roasted, giving it a slight coffee/chocolate aroma. This batch is particularly sweet, with notes of sweet grain and root vegetable. Broth is sweet and straightforward. Mild throaty aftertaste.

This is a solid daily drinker with notes of barley, roasted coffee and a sweet taste.


  • Harvest Location : Nantou, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : November 2019
  • Re-roast : 12/2021
  • Cultivar : Wuyi Cultivar
  • Farming Method : Conventional