Lightly Roasted Alishan High Mountain


This Alishan was part of our Mystery sampler, where we asked our roaster friend to send three oolongs without telling us anything about them, including the price. This one was Mystery Oolong A. It is a Spring harvested Alishan high mountain oolong that our friend touched up with the lightest touch of fire. He was able to bring out more of the fruit notes of Alishan while concentrating the broth to be more juicy and rich. We like it because it feels full and balanced with alluring fruity fragrance.


The initial fragrance off the wet leaves has two main notes that I immediately identified as fruit and biscuits. The roast lends a toasted malt-like aroma and concentrates the natural sweet fruitiness of Alishan. The broth is rich and juicy with a medium-light body.

The tea just arrived, but I am already smelling a delicate floral note as the broth evaporates off of my porcelain cup. I have a feeling the fragrance will continue to open up, becoming more complex and more rich.

This is a well executed high mountain oolong with the added complexity of a delicate roast. Perfect drink for the Winter season!


  • Harvest Location : Zhangshuhu, Alishan, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : April, 2020
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin
  • Farming Method : Conventional
  • Altitude : 1200 Meters