Lalashan Tie Guanyin


This is a Tie Guanyin grown by our jolly Taiwanese Santa Claus, the same farmer who makes Lalashan Hongshui. This tea is from the same pristine, ecological and nearly wild high mountain tea garden as the Lalashan as well. The farmer fell in love with Tie Guanyin in the 70's, and that's what inspired him to start growing tea. These TGY bushes are his pet project. TGY is a difficult cultivar to grown and produces poorly. It is a labor of love.

Although these bushes were planted by human hands, they have a lot of wild tea energy.


A strong tea. Not necessarily robust in flavor, but potent, with a powerful texture. I like to say Tie Guanyin is the most 'TEA' of any of the cultivars, and this one really shows it.

Flavor is toasty and full, although not a dark roast, I'd put this more in the medium category. Big presence of Tie Guanyin's signature metallic back-of-the-mouth-feel. Potent, muscular presentation from the scent to the mouth to the throat. The resonance in the throat is one of the most unique we've tasted.

This tea has a massive body feel. Big and tingly throughout the body, it's borderline sedative.

Shiuwen calls this tea the Wild Horse. At first it was an enigma to us, and although I won't say we've 'figured it out' we are becoming mesmerized by it. It's not an easy tea, but it holds much beneath the surface.

Brewing Notes

We continue to practice with this tea, it's extremely intriuging. This is the tea that presents the MOST different between brewers; that is to say this tea brewed from Shiuwen's hand produces a much different experience than from Noah's. We have worked out that you don't NEED too much leaf, although once you get a handle on it you can up the leaf quantity if you like.


  • Cultivar : Tie Guanyin
  • Location : Lalashan, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : Spring 2021
  • Roast Date : November 2021