70's Aged Baozhong


This is a Nangang Baozhong grown in the 70's. At that time it was determined to be a good candidate for aging. It was roasted once, sealed in a porcelain jar, and never touched up again. It is a finer aged tea than the '66 Beipu, with beautiful full leaves.


I opened the bag when I was going to take this product pic, and the scent of the dry leaves was so rich and full it surprised me! It reminds me of a wine cellar, with full plump notes of dried red fruit and wood. After hitting the leaves with hot water there's an rich, sweet herbal note that shows up. 

The broth is soft, and after it gets going (a couple infusions in) starts to feel very warming and deep. We recorded this tea on the podcast, you can check out the episode here.


  • Harvest Location : Nangang, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : 1970s
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin 
  • Farming : Unknown

Podcast Episode