2013 Da Xue Shan (Sheng/Raw)
2013 Da Xue Shan (Sheng/Raw) 2013 Da Xue Shan (Sheng/Raw)


When we bought this tea we were told it was harvested from many hundreds of years old trees. With a bit of experience with puer, we've come to think of it as coming from 100 year old trees, and that's what we're sticking with. At 100 years old we start to call tea trees 'old trees', and this tea does have that old tree feeling. It was harvested from an Old Arbor garden, meaning the trees were planted by people and left to grow naturally.


Broth has developed a rich sweetness with age, and color is now leaning towards pinkish golden. There is a light smokiness from the wood fire that was used to cook the tea, and general 'sheng puer notes' like dried apricot and alfalfa are present.

Body is bold and fairly heavy. The impact in the mouth is big and strong, with the lean muscly feeling of a young athlete. In other words it has good strength but still has some edges to it.

Feeling in the body is present and obvious, with a bold energy. Overall it's a very clean example of strong sheng puer.


  • Sheng Puer (Raw, Green)
  • Harvest Location : Da Xue Shan, Mengku, Yunnan
  • Harvest Date : April 10th 2013
  • Storage : Taiwan
  • Farming : Old Growth Tea Garden
  • Cultivar : Big Leaf