2011 Huang Pian
2011 Huang Pian 2011 Huang Pian


Over the course of a few seasons, our friends collected Huang Pian (mature leaves) from old tea trees in Bulang. Then the leaves were pressed together in 2011 to produce a very affordable old tree tea brick. We prefer to drink old tree material, so this was a great find. The leaves are not beautiful (actually quite ugly), but the tea is remarkable for the value. It is fermented very cleanly, has a comfortable sinking energy, and has a classic sweet date fragrance.


The broth is soft and smooth, with chocolate and dried fruit notes. Classic date fragrance. Body is not as rich and syrupy as our Da Xue Shan 2006, for example, because the material doesn't contain young leaves and buds. But the flavor is clean and the energy is grounding.


  • Shou Puer (Ripe, Cooked, Black)
  • Harvest Location : Bulang, Menghai, Yunnan
  • Pressing Date : 2011
  • Storage : Taiwan
  • Varietal : Big Leaf