Milk & Honey Oolong


Organically grown, milky and sweet, and the price is really reasonable... I've been looking for a tea like this for years! It is grown in Dong Ding from the Jin Xuan (milk oolong) cultivar, and very lightly touched up by our teacher to enhance the clarity and bring out the personality of the tea.

It's extremely rare to come upon something this clean and well executed without reaching into the 'tea as art' realm of prices. It's not an overly complex tea, but it's supremely satisfying.

**Note : This is not a bug bitten tea like Oriental Beauty or Gui Fei. The honey note is on the floral side of honey, not like those juicy bug bitten teas.**


Milk and honey! Those are the main notes I notice from this tea. The milk is reminiscent of a rich milky pudding, and the honey comes through as a complementary refreshing, floral sweetness. Mouthfeel is like creamy whole milk. Delightful, easygoing and sweet.

This is the milk oolong of my dreams. When I drink it I can really see how this cultivar got its reputation. Completely natural, no flavorings. The tea is also very clean. No agrochemicals were used in the farming. The broth is clean, clear and viscous, softly coating the mouth and throat. Feels light and settling in the body, very gently warm when its cold out but also cooling on a hot summer day.

A delightful and pretty oolong that I could seriously drink all day long!


  • Harvest Location : Dong Ding, Nantou, Taiwan
  • Roast Date : May 2022
  • Cultivar : Jin Xuan
  • Farming : Unsprayed