Sun Solstice Oolong


We call this tea Sun Solstice, a rough translation of a special day of the Chinese calendar that is considered to have the most sun energy. That’s because our Sun Solstice Oolong was actually picked on this holy day, at the time of day when the Sun is highest in the sky.

It is grown at high elevation and has received six charcoal roasts over the course of a year to produce a feeling that evokes the brilliant Summer Sun with a dark, sultry broth which warms us up in the cooler weather.

This is up on our site now to suit the changing seasons. We hope that it will bring many of you deep warmth and comfort in the coming months.


Because we’ve been waiting for the weather to cool down to release this tea, we’ve been drinking it for a while now; since I was in Taiwan this May, in fact. At this point, I’ve had so many experiences with this tea that it makes it hard to write!

Fragrance is rich with an elegant mix of fresh baked bread, seeds and nuts, dark Autumnal spices, cedar and incense. Broth is chewy at first, and there’s this elegant oily mouthfeel that feels like it just runs down your throat. One of the early sessions I remember it felt like I was inside a pine lodge in the Winter, dark except for a warming fire which flickered on the walls.

I’ve also had two customers independently describe it as a ‘dessert’ and ‘fresh baked goods’. I don’t see it as that sweet, but it may jump out that way to you. I find the finish is actually quite dry in the mouth causing satisfying salivation, while reaching the throat and belly with ease and radiating warmth throughout the body.

A soul warming tea.

Note : This is the same exact tea as we started selling in September, but the final roast date is different. Slightly different feeling, will be fun to compare. Updated Oct. 28


  • Harvest Location : Shizhuo, Alishan, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : June, 2020
  • Final Roast : June 2021 (different roasting date from previous batch)
  • Cultivar : Qing Xin
  • Farming Method : Unsprayed
  • Altitude : 1200 Meters