2006 Da Xue Shan (Shou/Ripe)
2006 Da Xue Shan (Shou/Ripe) 2006 Da Xue Shan (Shou/Ripe)


This is the richest, most full bodied and complex ripe puer we have in the shop. Flavor is earthy and rich. After 15 years of aging its developed an herbal note almost like ginseng, and a chocolatey broth. Finish is dry and clean, and mouthfeel is full and solid.


  • Shou Puer (Ripe, Cooked, Black)
  • Harvest Location : Da Xue Shan, Meng Ku, Yunnan
  • Harvest Date : Spring 2006
  • Storage : Taiwan
  • Varietal : Big Leaf