Crimson Little Leaf


Crimson Lishan farmer isn't making his much loved black tea this season, so we went looking for something else. This was our answer, 'Crimson' black tea harvested from small leaf varietal bushes in Meishan (Plum Mountain). It is similar in processing style but not so much in flavor profile. It does however give us a similar sense of richness and satisfying clean finish. 


Broth brews up a deep red color, and the fragrance is rich with notes of dried fruit and the sweetness of molasses. Broth is rich and full, coating the mouth with a soft texture. Flavor is complex with notes of prune, currant and raisin, and a sultry rich taste almost like that of dark, sweet tobacco leaf. 

This is a bona fide black tea with notes delving deep into the red side of the spectrum. Most Taiwanese black teas I've tasted have a lightness to them, hints of floral feeling. Not so with this tea, but the aftertaste does betray a Taiwanese oolong influence. It's black tea with an oolong sense of finish, long and sweet and salivating.

What I find is special about it is that, where most black teas I've tasted with this flavor profile have a brusque nature, this tea precisely and eloquently illuminates the rich dark tones. Clean, complex and satisfying!


  • Harvest Location : Meishan, Chiayi, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : November 2020