Purple Leaf Red Oolong


This tea is grown on Shan Lin Xi, harvested from what they call 'mountain tea'. Mountain tea, or Shan Cha, is actually a unique species of tea plant, Camelia Formosensis, which is indigenous to Taiwan. It is also sometimes called Taiwan wild tea.

This particular tea is not only harvested from Taiwanese indigenous bushes, but it's also a purple tea. The leaves are actually purple growing on the plant. This is a genetic mutation that produces a high content of anthocyanin, a phenol compound. It's unlike any other tea, both woody and floral at the same time. Purple tea is generally marketed for it's health benefits, but I chose this one because of its unique flavor profile and clean finish. I've found purple tea generally has a propensity for bitterness, but this tea does not turn bitter easily and is markedly sweet.

It's processed as a red oolong, which means it is oxidized to the point of black tea but finished in oolong shape. Generally red oolong retains oolong's delicacy while the flavor notes are closer to black tea, sweet and rich.


All the notes in this tea are very nicely defined, and it has a natural sugar sweetness that balances out the broth. Light bodied with a slight thickness that coats the mouth pleasantly. The high elevation affords tea from this garden a delicate complexity in the aroma. Notes of dried fruit, freshly picked flowers, Chinese herbs, wood and rock candy. Solid, clean, smooth drinking tea!

Brewing Notes

Lots of buds! Use 2/3 to 1/2 the weight of usual leaf amount.


  • Harvest Location : Shan Lin Xi, Taiwan
  • Harvest Date : April 2021
  • Cultivar : Shan Cha (Camelia Formosensis)
  • Farming Method : Conventional